Report on the Digital Economy

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The goal of the Global Antitrust Institute Report on the Digital Economy is to provide a balanced perspective—grounded in economic analysis and empirical evidence—on a wide variety of contemporary issues in antitrust law and economics. To this end, we have relied upon generous intellectual contributions from some of the most influential economists, legal scholars, and practitioners across the global antitrust community.

We thank each of the authors and editors who contributed their time and effort to make this Report possible.  In addition to each of the excellent external contributions, the Report benefited greatly from the work of the Global Antitrust Institute’s John M. Yun, Bruce H. Kobayashi, and Tad Lipsky.  We are particularly grateful to Thibault Schrepel for valuable comments on several chapters and to our research assistants:  Alex Krzepicki, Camila Ringeling, Ethan Hoffman, Harrisson Kummer, Ian Fraser, Jenn Fauver, Julie Zhou, Kevin Wang, Lily Verbeck, Miranda Isaacs, Rachel Burke, Tim Swartz, Trenton Hafley, and Victoria Randazzo for their work in getting us across the finish line.  The Report also benefitted greatly from the efforts of our extraordinary team: Matt Lein, Director of Communications; Judy Jin, Operations and Events Manager; and Daniel Tonsing.

The Global Antitrust Institute encouraged contributors to use the Report as a platform to participate in the marketplace of ideas that is critical to contemporary competition policy debates. Given the diversity of viewpoints presented, not everyone involved with this Report will agree with every position presented; readers should not infer such agreement or endorsement by any contributor. We are pleased to provide a platform for a variety of viewpoints and we believe it will prove a successful new entrant in the ongoing debate about the role of antitrust in the digital age. We hope you enjoy our Report on the Digital Economy.

Joshua D. Wright
General Editor
Executive Director
Global Antitrust Institute


Douglas H. Ginsburg
General Editor
Chair, International Board of Advisors
Global Antitrust Institute